PictureElectrical & Light Currant Systems Engineering Company
 Elcse Company. Was found in 2007 With 5 years of corporate experience in the fire alarm and fire protection field, elcse today is considered one of the most successful private sector companies in Egypt that works in the field of fire alarm and fire fighting and CCTV and burglar alarm systems and Access Control. And Sound system. Elcse is an engineering company that Design, Supply, Install, Supervise & Maintenance all the previously mentioned systems also we provide


Fire Alarm Systems


We design, install and service all types of Automatic and Manual Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.

The variety of systems and detection equipment available with us ensures that all kind of customers with 

varied budgets is catered to. Starting from standalone Smoke detectors for homes/small offices, 

Conventional Fire Detection systems and the latest analogue addressable fire detection systems for 

Multistory buildings.


Sprinkler Fire Fighting System


Water is still one of the most useful and cost effective of all available fire fighting agent Automatic fire 

sprinkler system is one of major activities

If you need to install a sprinkler system in your facility, you can do no better than call us to install or service your sprinkler and monitoring systems.

We have a complete line of valves, flow and tamper switches, and the knowledge to install and service all types of sprinkler systems


FM-200 Extinguishing Systems

FM200® is the most well known Halon 1301 replacement in the fire protection industry

FM200® has been found to be less toxic than Halon 1301, which makes it safe for use in the fully   

Automatic mode in occupied areas.

It is effective in the protection of data processing, telecommunications and electronic equipment as well   

As most flammable liquids and gases.

Our FM200® systems are based on many years experience in the design, supply, installation and  

Commissioning of gaseous fire fighting systems.





Burglar and Intrusion Alarm System


Easy Burglar Alarm control panel including various devices as PIR,‎ Magnetic Switches, Manual Panic Switch, Pressure Mats, Sirens,…










Closed Circuit Televisions ( CCTV )

  More requirements needed by any organization, large or small, and even at the level of homes or shops is the physical security of all property to which they relate. Where it is known physical security to "protect the organization from entering the actual to steal computers or steal files, documents, records relevant to the organization or offer bribes or circumvent the staff disguising themselves to reach the desired. The importance of physical security here to respond to these threats with a number of procedures and regulations taken by the organization to reduce access to illicit Hence, the surveillance cameras and its importance in ensuring the physical security and reduce or minimize the potential attacks and thefts














Sound System